Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just A Few Things That Make Me Happy

I bought this owl at a thrift store, I so should of taken a before picture because it was very ugly. I loved the owl itself  but the paint job was not good.  I simply spray painted it white and glazed it with dark brown. I took it to work to hold my pens.  A lady stopped by my window and said "Oh I just saw that at Pier One!"  Ah no you didn't this one is from the 1970's! lol

I love shutters.  I took 2 and put them together using some corner shelf pieces I found at my local resale shop.  I painted and grunged them and then decoupaged  old hymns to the inside.


I had this enamel table top that I took off from a desk a while back. I found some antique table legs and my husband put them all together to make this farm table.  I painted up some old wooden folding chairs to place around the table.  The table and the centerpiece sold immediately-still have the chairs.

Got this old trunk from a co-worker that needed a bit a TLC.  I painted it up and added the front decorative piece to replace a broken lock. I don't think that you would immediately know that if I didn't tell least that is what I hope! LOL I put a metal number on the front too. I crackled the finish and antiqued it as well.

The inside had this cool piece that was hinged that opened for extra storage. I had to make new hinges and put some paper over the wood to hide the flaws. I used really old paper from a hymn book so you really couldn't tell it was done in 2014 more like 1914.
Just a  painted high chair for a doll and a birdhouse.

I got these child size shoes at an antique store and put them on this basket.  I took a picture and just loved how it looked.  This is what I love anything old, rusty, and worn!

I hope my Son got his creativity from me! His tape measure broke and this is his version of redneck repair. Yee Haw I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy took my heart the day he was born.  He makes me laugh and is a great Son.  I truly hope that where ever life takes him he never changes and always remains the loving fun person that he is!

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