Friday, July 17, 2009

One Summer's Day

Wow, am I joining the new millenium or what? My own blog. I just am so excited to finally set this up! In the future I plan to post more pictures of my primitive folk art and of course give a peak into my simple life. I have been making primitive art for over 25 years and still love to mix it with found items from the past.

This garden table I made today. I got up and thought what a fine summer day it was and decided to get my tools and imagination out. I perused through my stash of vintage and came up with this creation. It consists of an old door, some bed posts, a green shelf, and some misc. wood pieces. I really didn't spend any time planning it out it all just flowed together like the pieces were meant to be together. Inspiration is such a wonderful thing. To the left of the door is a old (old is always the key here) drawer I made into a prim shelf gathering. It has ticking curtains strung on rusty wire and jute tie backs that are fixed to an old rusty nail. I found the bottles in front of the piece and made vintage looking tags for them and if you didn't know better you might think this piece was from the early days....
Tonight is going to be a very special night. On Fridays my husband Jeff and I help out at a church that has the Community Recovery program. There are over 15 different support groups that deal with anything from addiction to emotions. We are group leaders for the Divorce Care class. What a great way to spend the evening. Here is a link to the site where more information is available. Well off to get ready, love and peace to all who enter and when I return I will have a special recipe to share. Cat