Sunday, July 31, 2011


I certainly love finding ordinary things that are discarded and giving them a second chance to make someone happy.  I found this table in my basement and knew it had been down there for about 5 years or more. Time to give it a chance to move to the first floor level and let someone else claim it for their own.  Sometimes I like a piece so much that I don't want to paint it and let it go, yes I know my basement looks like an episode you would see on the TV show Hoarders but oh well I haven't seen their van pull into my driveway yet.

This table was made in rough shape and the top was warped so badly that I couldnt' use it.  So I hunted thru my stash (see it is functional) and found a door panel that I thought would be a great re-placement for the damaged table top.  After I affixed it with glue and finish nails I primed the whole piece in flat black and then proceeded to work out the top design.

I love vintage ephemera and the bingo card has always brought sweet memories of my childhood when you played some form of bingo at every bridal or baby shower your mother dragged you to.  (I was a tomboy and despised dresses and patent leather so they were no place for me).  I used several vintage bingo cards as my inspiration and used paint pens to make all the lines of the card and stencils for the numbers and words.  (I hope one day to have one of those new fangled cutting machines still trying to figure them out and which one would be the one for me).  Over all I loved the outcome it was beyond my expectations so that made me very happy.  I went to take it to the market where I have a booth and didn't even get it out of my car and it was sold. Now that is a good day on the planet!