Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blessed is the Nation

Psalm 33:12   "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD"

Dear God,
Today I pray for anyone who lost a loved one 10 years ago and for our country as it remembers the day that America turned to You for the strength to endure.  May we not only come to You in times of trouble but as we live out our lives let us look to You for guidance and the courage to stand for what is right.  Help us be  a light to those who have lost their way,  an example to any who don't know the way, and to everyone who is looking to find the way a road map that leads to You.  You told us that You are the WAY to peace, it is just that simple. Thank you for helping us move forward and please continue to heal the hearts of the many who were wounded on September 11, 2001.

In Jesus Name I Pray,

French Tote

I had this little wooden tote in my booth for sale for almost a year and it didn't sell so I brought it home and gave it a makeover.  It was painted an ugly brown with spotches of white (probably why it didn't sell, duh!)

I decided to give it a black base coat and then antiuqe white over that.  I used an image from "The Graphics Fairy" and Modge Podged it to the front.  I think it will be a sure sell now!

Vintage Whites

Just a few of my favorite things.  I found all these wonderful things at a garage sale last month and took a day to give them a new look.  The picnic basket was so dreary so I painted it shabby white and painted roses on the top. After a quick amaretto glaze I think it looks perfect for a day in the country.
These wonderful things were all for sale at a yard sale.  I knew the lady and she was so sweet.  She said "if my prices are too high just tell me and I will make you a deal".   I know a good deal when I see one and am smart enough not to let a deal get in the way of good manners.  So often magazines inform people that if they are new to treasure hunting to always ask the seller for a better price.  They also need to say remember your manners and don't insult the seller by asking for a better deal on something that is rock bottom priced to begin with.  Be fair to the seller and they will always welcome you back!  I love the way these things look so gently used.  Painted baskets with a antique glaze are a winner in my book!

Paris Clock

Every time I see a clock at a sale all I can think of is how fast I can put it in my cart and get it home to paint. I found this little gem for 3.00 and knew it would awesome fun.

I painted it with a dark base coat and then the antique white, then a dark glaze.  I used this Paris Subway art design by Kim Klassen and and piece of printed paper as the back round.

I liked the Paris subway are so much I decided to use it on an old roof slate that I had.  I usually paint them but this one had a hole in it from years of weathering.  So I got out the Modge Podge and several designs I printed off from "The Graphics Fairy".   The music paper is actually some vintage sheets from a book I got off the "free" blanket.  That's right it wasn't even a table it was just a blanket tossed on the grass with a paper sign that had the glorious words "Free" written on it. 
God bless those who give joy to others by sharing the things they no longer need.

Free to be Me

My husband is a builder and was really never into garage sales and dumpster diving until he met me. I have that influence on many I am proud to say.  He is a wonderful guy that never calls me a hoarder or obsessive collector of the unwanted. I know when he may think it sometimes but he is polite enough to only refer to my extensive shoe collection and leaves my overloaded basement out of his conversations with others.  I really appreciate it, I told him today that he can call the TV show"Hoarders"  if he wants but I won't let them in to tape a show if he does. Besides a few weeks back he contributed to my state of affairs by bringing home a really cute little tobacco stand that the women he was working for gave to him for me ( she has seen my work and endorses my habit!). It was in pretty good shape one of the legs needed to be repaired but that was about all so I set out to give it a makeover.
I undercoated the piece with flat black and then painted it with olde white. 

I found my graphics on "The Graphic Fairy" I used a combination of the wreath with the Paris graphic to get this design.  You just print them out and cut them to fit. Next tape them together and print them out as one design.  I did use the reverse image feature to print them out so I could transfer the image to the top using Citra Solv (My new crush).

This piece came out looking old and distressed just the way I like it! I couldn't picture a world without old junque.


The key to good day in my workshop is having a well stocked store room full of things just waiting to become something lovely.  My last adventure in the design room proved to be such a delight I could hardly contain my joy, not only did I put together several projects but I also finally learned how to do image transfers with Citra Solv.  My first attempts were not successful and it took me over a week of experimenting and watching You Tube videos to get the hang of it. It was well worth it and I am sure that with more practice mastering this process it will become a real asset.

This is what I started with, I had this little table I bought as GW and an old drawer and door that I knew would be a real nice combination. I put the drawer on top of the table attached it with a little Gorilla Glue and screws.  Then I set the door panel onto the top of the box and put a set of hinges on the back to make it like a treasure chest on legs.  I painted it with an undercoat of black brown and let it set out in the sun to dry.   After the glue and undercoating dried I gave it a coat of olde white.  I found a great design on " .  Deborah is such a talent woman and I hope you check out her wonderful blog it is awesome! Thank you for the free graphic I love it and hope to use it again!  I  printed it out in the reverse image mode on a laser printer so I could transfer it to my treasure chest table.
After several attempts I finally got the image to transfer using the Citra Solve method.  I painted some poly coat onto the side with image so it would not smear when I went to apply the glaze.  The glaze is a dark brown with just a hint of black in it.

I really like the way the image transfer worked out,  I almost gave up on using it but with a little hard work and a prayer it all worked out just like I imagined it would.