Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Dollar Drawer

Sorry about the less than perfect pictures and the no before and afters. I had a rough week this week at my grown-up job and as I mentioned before I am looking for the cord for my camera so I recharge it.....what to do. I need a keeper so I can paint more. I can dream.

This started out a drawer I bought at a yard sale for a dollar.  Then I found this little bench type stool at sale for two bucks. I put them together to make a neat little table or even a child's desk either would work.

This is my little creation shown as a desk with my anitque child's chair and my dolly I made from a Gail Wilson doll pattern.

Seasonal Vintage Baskets

Just getting started painted for the seasons and before you know it they will be here!  I love to paint fall and winter items and I love to paint on these type of baskets!

              This is a close up of the fall design.  I am a sucker for saltbox houses and sheep!

                      Nothing better than a snowman with a flag.  I threw in the sheep for good measure.

Shabby Table

I found this little gem at a thrift store for 4.99.  I wanted to paint something white with grey for so long and knew this would be just the table!

 I really fell for the shutter type door, sorry the pictures are so bad I lost my camera cord and it needs recharging. This is one of my get-er-done things for today, finding the cord so I can take better pictures. If I had all the time lately that I spend looking for things I misplace I would get so much done. : (   Oh well all in day's work being me.

Just some Windows I had.

I got these two windows from a friend who does construction and sometimes has 
 things he gives to me to upcycle.  I had these great windows for over a year and just couldn't bring myself to paint them. I decided this week -enough storing something so fragile and got to it. I am such a klutz and hardly ever like to handle glass, I make exceptions from time to time especially when they are free

 With the Christmas season rapidly approaching I painted this in a winter design.  I love sheep and I hate snow so I compromised!