Friday, September 16, 2011


Remember the skirt I made a while back when I promised to use the left overs to make a purse. I had the bottom of the skirt and all the rest of the ties left so I sat down and just started to let my imagination go. I wanted more lace on the denim to give the tie flowers a better back round so they would show up. I just happen to find one at the Salvation Army Thrift store for .49 right in my price range! So I cut the denim to size making this bag more of a tote size nice and big to haul anything a girl would need (it's about 15" by 15"!). Next I placed the lace onto the front side and stitched it down. Then while watching the Walton's every night I proceeded to make roses out of the the left over tie pieces. I started with the middle securing it and then kept rolling the tie and twisting it around the forming circle stitching it as I went along. Before long I had a whole garden of flowers and was ready to sew the bag together.

I made 2 handles out of the scraps that I pieced together for one side and used some silky tie looking fabric for the underside from my stash. I also pieced the top band out of tie scraps too. I hand stitched the layers of lace, fringe and trim around the bottom of the top band to embellish it as much as I could, more is always better always! I had a sweet little collage type pin that I placed in the center to give it just a little more pizazz along with 2 vintage buttons.

The purse is fully lined with 2 inside pockets for cells phones and sunglasses, it also has a magnetic closure. Just love magnetic closures they are the best. After the construction was completed I hot glued the roses to the front of the purse and there you have it all finished! I like it so much I have it hanging up in my bedroom to just look at for a while lace and roses are so calming!

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think! Thanks for stopping by. Next time around I will have 3 dresses I made refashioning some clothes I never wear.  Just a hint there will be lots of ruffles, lace, and flowers!