Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Trip to Treasure Island

" The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart."
Maryanne Williamson

Nice saying I love great treasures. I know that nothing in this world is comparable to having God in my life that is my greatest treasure. But he gave me this thing that is overwhelming at times to take things and make them into things that hopefully others will enjoy. It can't be all bad right? Sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am, it seems I am always thinking about the next thing I am going to work on. I have come to the conclusion it is my calling and try not to feel guilty how much joy I get from doing what I love.

I got a chance yesterday to treasure hunt and found some great stuff. I really like vintage that is a given but especially if it has anything to do with Paris. I don't know why but I do maybe because I am under the impression that if I collect enough Paris themed goods, I will mysteriously be swept away and land somewhere near the Eiffel Tower...... it could happen.......

Anyways I found this great glass with a Paris theme, it's about 7" high. I can imagine it filled to the brim with ice and my favorite Diet Vernor's. I know it was initially meant for mixed drinks but that was then and this is now. Found a nice scarf too marked "Paris, France" it has a really cute 60's type Frenchy design. I remember the day we used to wear these as a head coverings when we went out. How times change.

If I thought I could look as elegant as Audrey I would keep it and wear it everyday while of course standing near the Eiffel Tower!

  I also found another colonial couple I am a real sucker for these. I have several and I really know better than to buy glass figurines because I tend to be accident prone but what the heck for 2.00 (my magic number) I couldn't resist.  The wooden box is something I intend to paint and pretty up later on and the shell I have already given a coat of white and is waiting for the amaretto glaze and some of my handmade flowers.  The Statue of Liberty is destined to go into a shadow box collage I am working on and the mirror into my personal stash ( I don't know how many I have gone though so far but here is another victum I mean contestant).  The 2 white wooden pieces will adorn something in the near future, I have a screen door that I have been waiting for just the right amount of inspiration to tackle.  Who knows this might be it!

I found this little pink metal lady in a 50 cent box and she too is going in the shadow box collage too.  I just love a Southern Belle.  The rabbit has a tiny chip but so much personality that I couldn't pass him up.  He too will be in a collage so the chip won't even matter it is so small.  The little dog I don't know what I will do with him yet.  He is nice just to look at and makes me smile so time will tell.

 I found this little metal chair that was painted gold, it looked so forlorn all by itself with a 2.99 price tag.  I went ahead and gave it a coat of primer and light pink spray paint, my way of saying "I love you!."  Then I made a cushion out of 2 toile napkins I "just happened" to have.  The miracle was that I could find them amongst my stuff.
The next picture is just a preview of my latest project. I already have a coat of winter white painted on it and I have the design that will replace the grapes all planned out. So keep watch for the finished project, I will post it as soon as it is completed.
I almost forgot about this SWEET umbrella caddy I picked up at a thrift store that will be closing soon.  I got it half price so it was 10.00. I know that is 5 times what I am used to paying but you have to admit it is wonderful.  I plan on giving it a makeover so I will post the outcome when it is finished.

So tomorrow I will go to work and see what I can accomplish.  I am full of anticipation so I think it will be a good day.  You know any day is a good day if you get to spend it with a paint brush or a sewing machine. Oh yeah, I am working on a purse too, remember the denim skirt with the neckties? I mentioned I was thinking about using the leftovers to make a purse. Well  I almost have it finished!  I am letting it settle a bit while I make the final decision to its embellishments.  It is looking good so far. I have about 3 hours into it, I love detail and hand sewing.   Until we meet again blessings to you all. Thank your for your generosity and sharing your time with me!