Monday, May 25, 2015

Unique Hand Made Tables

ENJOY THE RIDE TABLE-This table started out with 2 bicycle rims and 2 boards from my stash.  I added some big old castors that I got from a junk shop to make it roll. If you are going to "enjoy the ride" then you better be able to roll! I hand painted the top and stenciled the bottom.

My son brought 2 cable spools home from work for me to play with.
I painted them up and added castors to the bottom.


In this picture you can see that I attached some jute to the middle to make it look like a spool of twine.
This table started out with two bi-fold doors. I originally bought them to make a clothing rack but decided against it because they were way to tall.  Left with my 8.00 investment I let them sit for a couple of months and then decided they would make a great couch table. You know the kind that you put behind your couch to display cool stuff on.  I uses some old table legs and some castors on the bottom so you could move it around easily.  I hand painted the designs on the top of the table.

This is one of my favorite tables.  It was made from 2 large drawers I found at the Re-Store.  I added some large spindles and once again some castors and came up with this table.  I even added some hooks on the end for towels or utensils or kid's jackets. Whatever! I painted it shabby white and stenciled it with a French script stencil.

I can't even believe I made this table, but I did.  When I say I made it I mean it. I design my creations and then put them together myself.  This one I made from a large drawer and 2 auto creepers that are used to scoot under a car when you are fixing it.  The wheels roll very nicely.  I used some old table legs to connect the 2 parts and an old baby bed spring for the back. I hand painted the design on the front and added the floral swag.  I forgot to take pictures of it so the lady who bought it was kind enough to email these two pictures.  I think she did a great job taking the picture it reminds me of something out of a "Romantic Home" magazine!



  1. loved all the projects, especially the bike wheel one. very original. sharon

  2. Most excellent projects! The bike table will be featured at the Vintage Inspirations Party tomorrow night, and of course I'm pinning it too!