Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pretty Little Sewing Box

I got this sewing box for free at the Market.  I painted it blue and then attached some pretty papers to it.  I found a vintage gold frame and printed out a picture of an old pattern to put in it.  I attached it to the box with some nails. 

Painted Sutff

Paris Projects

I started out with just a plain old black night stand.I

                                        I gave it a coat of white paint and glazed it with a dark brown. 

I found these designs on The Graphics Fairy and traced them onto the top. I hand painted them in about twenty minutes, it really doesn't take long to do at all.

This is just a little hand made box I had and painted.

Old Barn Box

I quite often have the opportunity to pick up primitives very cheap at the market where I have my booth.  They have auctions every Friday night and I go Saturday morning and have the exclusive privilege of buying the left-overs.  I found this old barn box out in their yard one bright Saturday morning and knew that it needed a lot of work but I just couldn't resist it.  I paid my 5.00 and loaded in the car. (Only after I swept the chicken nest out of the bottom). 
 This is the bottom.....see the holes I had my work cut out for me!
 I ended up replacing the board on top because it was so bad but I used re-claimed lumber to do it.
 I mended the major holes with sheet metal and screws.  I worked on that for at least an hour. Most people would have given up and built a new box, not me I just kept going........
 I had this table that I used to make the legs.  I turned it over and unscrewed the top portion and then bolted the box on to the table for the legs.

 Here is the finished product.  I forgot to take a picture of it at home so sorry about the tag hanging from the front of it, it sold already, yeah old barn box you will be loved for years to come!
 I screwed the license plates to the top because I always wanted to make something using them.

I painted the sides, front, and back in this design.  I don't know what the new owner is going to do with this old box but I hope they give it as much love as I have!

Doll Dresser Make Over

 I bought this little dresser that was once used for doll clothing at a flea market last summer.  I used it for storing sewing supplies.  But alas it is time to down size and so I knew it was time to give it a Cat make-over and get it ready to sell.
 I painted it white and then distressed it with a dark brown glze and top coat.  I found a design on The Graphics Fairy and trace it onto the the top. I hand painted this because my experience with Citra Solv hasn't been so good. I thought by the time I try to transfer it and mess up ten times I might as well hand paint it on. It only too me about 20 minutes to paint it and stencil the numbers. I am going to do some more designs that I paint until I find another transfer method that works for me!

A Modge Podge Day

It started out as any day I have ever lived. I get the husband and the son off to work and then down to the workshop to paint something. Today I decided to get the Modge Podge out and work on this wooden mirror I found at a sale.

 I primed it,

and then painted it a delicate pink.  I went over that with a dark brown glaze and then top coated it. 

 I am not sure if you can see the pretty little faux diamonds I glued all around the picture and across the little girls head band. I also added a lace rose I made.

 I found this little case at a sale for a dollar. I brought it home and found all these pictures in my stash I had printed out some time ago.  I just started by laying them out and getting them in the position I liked and then attached them with Modge Podge.  Rain days are always better if you have a bottle of Modge Podge in the house!

Owl Do I Love You?

This is just a remake of a table I had. A coat of paint and an owl design not much fuss!

I found this metal owl trio at the thrift shop last year and finally decided what to do with it.  I spray painted it black, they were a cooper color to start with.  The base is something I had in my spare parts box.  I painted it blue and stenciled the white design and word peace onto it.  I love the little hooters they are so cute!