Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have so many things that people give to me because they know I don't throw anything away, I just "do something" with it.  I have had this croquet mallet for about 3 years now and thing to myself that it would be the one thing I would throw away to make room for something with more potential.  Then one night while trying to get to sleep it came to me. Make a sign out of it.  It has character and I had just obtained a number of door fronts that make excellent signs.  I decided that the back round had to be Kelly green with black trim and antique white edging.  I think it would be great in a game room or bar and has enough personality to keep it off the cast off pile. Just in the nick of time for that old mallet!

Liberty For All

Here are just a couple of projects I made this week and  painted with patriotic theme.  Flags have been a big part of my decor ever since the 70's.  I found this desk and chair in the 5.00 shed and the table is just an old door front and and table bottom I had.   I wanted it to convey the important things my early (public) school years had taught me. Every morning we started our day out by saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag. We also said the Golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."That is actually a quote from the Bible Matthew 7:12    Imagine everyday we as a class said the pledge, a Bible verse, and yes, for a while even a prayer.  Now we are thinking of taking away the motto this country was founded on "In God We Trust."  So if we take it away what do we replace it with? Last week we talking about how when 911 happened it seemed as if everyone was praying and asking God to bring them through.  So if the motto disappears don't panic, my prayer will be that our faith will increase and the our lights will shine brighter so all can see. We all need hope to survive, my hope will always be my trust in God, it was good when I was a kid and my country said it was okay and now more than ever even when they think different.  God is good all the time.

Pink Paris Pencil Holder

I needed something to put my pens and pencils in at work.  I looked through the office supply catalog and thought to my self what am I thinking? Me use a plastic no personality pencil cup? Not on your life. So the next time I went treasure hunting I put it on my list to find a suitable holder for m writing tools.  I was in luck I found this little metal container laying on the shelf for .99 just waiting for me to buy it and show it some love.  I spray painted it girlie pink and found some graphics that I put together  and printed for this Paris collage. I used some Modge Podge to attach it to my sweet little pink container to complete my project. I took it to work and it makes me happy to look at it and remember that after I get my work done I can go home and make fun stuff again.

Below is the link that you can open up to get the graphic for youself. Hope you like it!


This is just a .75 frame and some paper on my computer along with some dollar store stickers.  All in all about 1.75 total.  I am going to hang it up when I get my wall repainted.  Would you believe it, I paint things for  a living but my husband won't think of letting me paint the walls.  He has his peitculars don't you know.  That's okay, it gives me more time to make pretties.

Aqua Tier Table

I painted this table a month ago and took it to the shop to sell it.  The top originally had a subway art design on the top. Unfortunately someone put a huge scratch in it and it needed to be repaired and repainted.  I never get too upset because I like a challenge and always am up to try a new design. Do-overs are my specialty  I found the graphic on  "The Graphic Fairy" and printed it out on my computer.  I used the mirror image effect and transfered it to the top using Citra Solve. If you don't know about Citra Solve just Goggle it and and you will find out how to use it and where to get it.  I got mine off of Amazon, I found the best price there and really fast shipping. I have enough to last me for a long time.  I finished the piece with a dark glaze and top poly top coat.  I will take it back to the store tomorrow and hopefully it won't get ruined again or I will bring it home and give it a different makeover!

Time Wie Will Tell

The shop where I rent space in had a great sale a few weeks ago, it was known as the 5.00 shed.  I know what you are thinking my price is usually 2.99. I know but sometimes a bargain is good even when you have to spend 2.01 more.  I found this great round table with a broken leg, and thought  a-ha you need me I can fix you little round table I will take you home and make you as good as new (or better!)  It had a really sketchy fomica top that I removed and sanded the wood down to make a new top that I could paint on! Yeah my favorite thing to do paint on junque! I made a clock table a while back and sold it before I got it out of my car so I knew it was "Time" to make another one.  I love the louvered like sides that when the sander hit them gave the piece a nice weathered look.

Well that's all the time I have to talk about this piece, until next time!

Where is Your Treasure?

Well you must know by now if you have looked over my humble blog that I love nothing better than to take something that no one finds value in anymore and give it a second chance to bring joy.  I found a few "unwanteds" in my stash and decided it was their turn to get a chance at being loved again.  I thought I had a "Before" picture but I think my camera ate it, it does that from time to time it is getting older just like me and tends to be a bit temperamental like me too! : O
 This piece started out as an old military trunk that was by the wayside and a rickety old bench I found that needed love. I put them together and painted them antique white and gave them a glaze bath of dark brown.
 The graphic are from "The Graphic Fairy".  They are just the best site ever for vintage images! I used the "Citra Solve" method for transferring my images to the chest.  I am still learning and but overall am pretty happy with the outcome of this piece. (I have to admit I did probably several "do overs" before I was satisfied.)
 I made the graphic for the saying on the front of the trunk, well not me actually it was God it is from the Bible, Matthew 6:21 to be exact.  I thought it was fitting to it being a treasure chest and all that I put something on it to make me think about where I store my own treasure.

Carry On

I got a new stencil and just had to find something wonderful to paint it on.  I love stencils, I don't have the means yet to buy one of the awesome machines that cut everything wonderful and beautiful so I have to do it the old fashion way for now.  I feel blessed to be able to paint and make things so its all good.

I found some orphaned doors at a shop for .50 each and knew I had a good match for my new stencil.  I painted up 5 right away in all different colors.  This saying is good advice kind of like John 14:1 “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God"  In group last week I told the people that is like doing the "2 Step"- 1st DON"T WORRY, and 2nd TRUST GOD!  I try to do the "2 step" as often as I can it keeps me out of trouble and I don't mess up quite so much.  As troubles come and they always do I keep saying do the "2-Step" do the "2-Step" it will all be alright.  Reminds me of the movie "What About Bob" where Bob's psychiatrist tells him to take "baby steps" meaning take things slow one day at a time sometimes one moment at a time if necessary. Even when you don't have the strength to "baby-step" you can always do the "2-step" God is always ready to take your troubles and give you peace. Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

Simple White is always a Delight!

I found a great plastic sewing box at a sale for 2.00 the other day.  It reminded me of the one my Mother had when I was a girl so I just had to buy it. Hers wasn't so fancy and was a bright yellow color, she stored all her spools of thread and notions in it.  I remember playing with the box and its contents and organizing all delightful things in it while dreaming of the day I would be able to sew and have my very own sewing box. Even though I thought the my new box was wonderful the color just didn't fit in with my other things so I decided to give it a make over.  I got out the white spray paint and amaretto glaze and gave it an update. 

Now I have a sewing box all my own filled to the brim with lovely sewing notions. Life is sweet.

Union Jack Night Stand

Well it has been over a month since I have been able to write and post some new things. I have been so busy with family and work. But I am back and hopefully will be able to keep up and put things on every week. First up this week is a night stand I picked up at a thrift store and decided to paint it with the Union Jack.  The trouble is after the first paint job I realized I had the colors backwards, I had the red where the blue went and the blue where the red went.  It looked great but I thought people would think I was all mixed up and decided to sand it down and try again.  I think it came out nice, I did like the first rendition and maybe I will try that one again it really was pretty cool.