Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nanny 911 Chair

Just thought I would post this little chair to show you how something that definitely looks dated can be transformed into a piece more relevant to today's decor.  I found this little chair and normally wouldn't buy such a piece but it was only a buck and if you have read my other posts you know the 2.99 range absolutely excites me so this one made me dizzy with delight!   I let it sit in the basement for 2 months before it came to me what the colors should be and then well judge for yourself, this little chair has plenty of curb appeal and certainly could come in handy if you get to the Nanny 911 point in the day!

Eiffle Tower Dresser

I have finally done it! I looked all summer long to find a dresser that I could finish with the Eiffel Tower on it  but couldn't find any suitable dressers. After replacing the dresser in my Son's room I decided to fix up his old dresser that I was going to trash because it was so beat up. I really didn't have anything to loose if it didn't turn out and I wasn't sure mine would come out as beautiful as those I had seen on A Vie Renouvele


Guissied Up Furnishings

Their dressers were completely the inspiration that I used to pattern my dresser after. I cannot take credit for the design only the workmanship.  My dresser started out denim blue and needed repair and gluing.  It took one day just to fix it and prime it it was sooooooo bad.  After I got it all put back together I painted it with some home made chalk paint that I made using black latex paint and unsanded grout.  Below is my version of the Eiffel Tower Dresser.

I spray painted the dresser knobs with Black Gloss Spray paint because that process is faster and easier than hand painting and I am all for faster.  The design on the front was applied with several coats of Modge Podge.  I printed the paper myself using a vintage dictionary as the back round.  The Eiffel Tower I copied onto the paper after several steps to get it just the way I wanted it.  After I applied the paper and it was thoroughly dry I brushed the edges of the paper all around the edges of the drawer fronts with black paint to help blend in the lines of the paper.  No matter how hard you try the paper doesn't always match at the seams so a little paint goes a long way to camouflage the edges.  It feels good to have this project done it was a long time in coming and wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done.  I would like to try it again and maybe even it a different color.  Hard to believe that I was going to throw this dresser out, I usually never give up on wood pieces and I sure am glad that I gave this one a second chance!