Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This is an old chair I picked up that someone was throwing away. It needed some TLC which amounted to sanding, gluing, and painting.

I painted it an old white and hand painted the seat and stenciled the chair back.

 I did another set of the Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right chairs. They make wonderful shower gifts or prop for wedding pictures!

Paris Table and Sewing Chair

Two of the projects I worked on last week were some I rescued from 2 different sales I went to.  The shabby avocado table came from an auction.  It was hand made and needed love. I paid 2.00 for it and was happy as a lark to get it.  I had to scrap all the paint off which I normally don't do I usually use bonding primer. The paint on this desk was peeling and I didn't want to take a chance that it would scab up (ewww ugly word usage) and bite me later so I scrapped and I think I even burned up a few calories in the process which is always a plus for me! lol

 The sweet little chair was purchased at a yard sale for 50 cents.  The seat lifts up to store sewing notions.  It is a darling little size and I passed it up...imagine that me passing on a 50 cent item who can figure. But when I went back to the sale it looked so forlorn just sitting there that I took pity on it and brought it home to make over. Second chances are a blessing.

I think they go together like peas and carrots!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big Old Coffee Box

Ha! I finally remembered to take a before picture! Yeah!  This very large simple handmade box was one I found on a free pile after an auction.  It is very bulky but not heavy at all so it would be a great piece on a porch or in a mudroom to collect stuff.

 I painted it white and trimmed it in black.  I then sat down and drew out the what I wanted for design work.  I wanted the box to look as if it were a shipping box and thought coffee sacks are so popular right now that that would be a great theme.
 I love Americana so I decided instead of foreign coffee I would make mine American made.....I know it may be a stretch but I don't care Folk Art is not a strict mistress and that is why I love her.

The back I left plain because it probably will be against a wall and not seen.  The rail on the back works as a handy grip if you pick up just a little there are 2 wheels in the front and the box will roll. Bonus!
                           I stenciled the same design on either side of the box for more eye candy.

It took me some time before I was able to work on this project, I was waiting for just the right inspiration.  All in all I think it was worth the wait.

Birdhouse Remake

I found a birdhouse the other day and bought it to put on a wood stand I have had for quite a while.   I painted it white with black trim.  I glazed it in brown and wrapped it in grapevine. Pretty self explanatory if you look at the picture. A very simple project, yet I think it goes from just an okay birdhouse to one that will fit into any decor.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Painted Stuff

Do you remember the bathroom caddies from the 90's that you saw at every craft show you went to.  Usually they were just stained and had calico fabric curtains.   I gave this one a more updated look by painting is Grey and glazing it in dark brown.  I made the curtain lace to top off the new shabby chic look.

  These corbels were painted an awful yellowish tan and had a high sheen finish.  I painted them first in primer grey and then painted them white and glazed them.  They make super book ends or accent pieces on a  mantle.  They are hand made and full of character, I love the crown top on the one pair.

Vintage Catch All

I went to an estate sale and found these rounded sewing drawers. I immediately knew what I would do with them if I could buy them.  The sellers had some things that weren't for sale and of course those where the things I wanted so I took a deep breath and asked the seller if they were up for grabs.  Gladly she told me I could have all three for 5.00.  Joy!  I had an old door panel that I want to mount them to and then I had this wood cut out Etc. that I was to attach to the top.  I got to the point where the word etc. was to be attached and it broke in two pieces ......rats!  So I left the project over night and figured I would come up with something.  Light bulb!  I got it !  I had some coasters that were wood and cork and thought ....paint them so they sort of look like type writer keys and paint the letters on them!!!!!!!Yeah thank you God for my imagination!

I painted the piece white and glazed it with brown to get the worn and antiqued look. I can just picture it full of mail and miscellaneous stuff.


Telephone Table Make Over

I painted this phone table solid black several months ago. It didn't sell so I brought it home to give it a make over. I had noticed the fabric on the seat was going in the wrong direction.....what? I get going so fast working 2 jobs that sometimes I mess happens. I painted the whole thing white and glazed it in dark brown. 

It didn't have a design on the table part before so I thought I would add one and I am so glad I did, it adds so much and matches the fabric on the seat.

The seat opens to for storage which make this piece useful and pretty to look at! Is that bragging? Sorry, its just I am always delighted when something gets a make over and it comes out.

Red, White, and Blue

Only a few more days and America will be electing a new President or renewing the current President.
I have made a lot of patriotic things to sell and all of them are usually gone in a week.  Americans love their country as I do and love to display its colors in their homes.  I am not sure how I will vote, the important thing is to justget out and exercise that awesome right we have that so many Americans died to give us.  I am so proud of my sons who served proudly in Iraq to show others democracy still works.  The chair below is one of my very favorites. It reminds me of Old Glory and our beginning as One Nation Under God.

This bench or coffee table is a very versatile piece that would make a very nice center attraction in any room or porch once again remembering right from the beginning Liberty for All. 

                      As you go to the polls this November remember one thing whoever is elected..........

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Cat's Meow

I tried several times to get a good picture of this table I painted but black is so hard to capture.  This table has three shelves for books in the front and a magazine rack in the back. I painted it black and then painted on a sassy black cat with polka dots.

 On the top I also hand painted a French sign I got from "The Graphics Fairy" that you can see down below.

               I love "The Graphics Fairy" and love to paint their designs all over my projects!

Sign Language

I painted three new signs last week.  The first one is the doors off from the dry sink I painted last summer. I took them off because they were too warped to close evenly. However, they were perfect to make into signs! I painted the two of them up (only showing one of them) off white and then glazed them with a dark brown.  I hand painted the key onto the top using a design I got off "The Graphics Fairy".

This sign started out with the purchase of the crown hook from The Hobby Lobby for 1.89.  I got out one of my door panels and painted it up and attached the crown hook, easy peasy!

This one is my favorite of the three, it is an old painter's tool I bought for a dollar a year ago.  I got 2 but only painted the one to see how it would look.  I painted the top off white with a dark brown glaze and then stenciled on the letters.  I an anxious to paint up the other one now!

Got the Scoop

I bought this set of scoops for 2.99 at a thrift store.  They were stained and dated looking so I gave them a make over.  I painted them black sanded the edges and then stenciled numbers on them.

I like their new look. Number art is very popular right now and I think these will fit in with a primitive or a shabby decor.


The owner of the shop where I sell my goods came up to me one day and said, "Catherine I am always thinking of you, could you use this old cut up bed post?"
I think I should have let more time pass before I blurted out, "OF COURSE!"  I took it home and paired it up with an old cutting board I had on hand and some vintage flags. 
I painted the bottom black and the pole off white and gave it a dark brown glaze.  Doesn't look like a free cut up old bed post anymore!
I love free stuff!!!!!!!

Patchwork Chair Rescue

Last summer I was lucky enough to pick 3 Parsons chairs off a free pile.  One was unrepairable and the other 2 needed work but I felt they would be a fun project.  The chair was stained and dirty so I cleaned it up and painted the under body with a coat of fresh paint. I painted the legs grey and then a coat of black.

 I took off the original chair cover, ripped it apart and used it for a pattern. I found a vintage wool quilt that was sitting in my sewing room and decided that it would be cool to make a new chair cover from it.
                             I like the back flaps and way the cover fit the chair and the muliti-colors.
I think I still should make a small accent pillow to sit on the chair to finish it off.

Painted Chairs

I found some old children's size chairs at a thrift store last week and just had to paint!  I decided on three separate designs.

I hope these inspire and challenge you to paint and have fun with the things you find along the way!