Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Remakes

Just thought I would post some of my projects from the last year, ramdom remakes that I so enjoyed creating.  Monday's are my day to paint the rest of the week I am in a stuffy office keeping the masses happy, no place for a kindred spirit girl like me.  Monday's I am so blessed especially in the summer, I move my projects outside and paint in the open environment of nature's beauty.  I am surrounded by famers plowing their fields, planes jitter bugging around dusting the crops, and Sand Hill Cranes squawking at me because I am crowding their territory.  I could go on and on it is so peaceful under the summer sun slapping on buckets of paint on things that most assuredly would have been taken to the land of the unwanted to rot and disintegrate. 

I surely am thankful that God gave me the ability to paint and to see potential in the things that just need a second chance. I not saying I am the best or accomplished just a willing student.   I am a product of second chances so I guess it just comes natural.

Simple as ABC

Pottery Barn Knock off's seem to be everywhere on the net.  I saw several using the giant type writer key theme and had to try my hand at it.  So I search through my stock pile to find something I could use for my project and found an old table top laying in the corner and a pedestal base without a top and knew they were destined to become as one!  I attached the two together with some screws and some Gorilla Glue which I use as often as I can because the stuff just works, (just wish I wouldn't always have to get some on my hands).  Oh well still worth it!

After the table was ready to paint I base coated it with a flat black and then started on the top.  I mixed up a special color of off white with browns and gold tones and painted the inside section of the top.  I took a tomato soup can and drew out all the circles.  I still don't have that fancy cutting machine so I have to do everything the hard way but I still do it with a smile on my face painting just makes me happy! While the circles were still damp I took a glass and placed it on each circle to lift some paint and give it a slight accent.
After the circles were dry I stenciled thd letters, numbers, and scrollwork.  I painted a dark brown glaze over the whole piece followed by a polycoat.  I used water base MinWax it is great in closed conditions no fumes and dries fast.  I hope to paint a design like this again the look of vintage is one I never get tired of. 

Pink Trike Love

I really am getting into this pink shabby movement that is sweeping the blog world.  I went to one of my favorite hangouts the GW Boutique and found a trike in very rough shape. It wasn't priced so asked the clerk how much it was.  A she took the sweet little trike to the back of the store to tag I thought to myself well there goes that dream!  I was sure my found treasure would come back with a 9.99 tag on it and that is out of my range totally.  To my delight the clerk brought the trike back with a 2.99 tag and I couldn't be happier.  You know they say diamonds are a girls best friend well I beg to differ give me a good piece of rusty junque any day and I am as monkey in a banana tree! ; ) 

 I took my little find home and sprayed it a cotton candy pink.  I found 2 boxes in my "stash" that I mounted in place of the seat and in the front for flowers.  Over all the color in the picture looks a bit brighter than it is. I used a ameretto color glaze over the whole piece to give it soft aged patina.  I think it will go well in my booth at the Peddler's Market and hopefully find a new owner that will love it as much as I do.