Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make Do or Do Without

I was repairing an old farm chair the other day. It had a big crack in the middle of the seat.  As I was working on it I accidentally broke off one of the legs. I could see that this piece was never going to be strong enough to sit in and use as a regular chair even if I glued it up.  So I set it aside and started to work on my next project.  Then it hit me.............I had this old metal milk crate that no one seemed to want and it was just sitting there waiting for some love and I had this rickety broken chair needing legs.It was so obvious at that point my hands were shaking with delight.   I strapped the chair onto the milk crate and there you have it! I am totally in love with the out come, the unconventional is aways my favorite!

I really don't intend for someone to sit in this chair but it would be wonderful with flowers or an accent in the crate area.

Painted and Primitive

 These are two old slates that I bought and painted.  I had about 30 of these roofing slates and finally got down to my last two that you see here.
This is a piece I bought and painted up like the sign I did last week. I love patriocti prim.

Just a round table that I painted .

Just a little stithery I did and popped it into a "Warren Kinble" frame.

 I did a stool like this one last winter and it was a big hit so I decided to do another one.  This stool was originally stained a dark brown and not very appealing.  I painted it off white and stained to look aged.

Love Much

Old School

I went to a sale last year and picked up 2 wonderful old school desks for 5.00, that is 5.00 for the both of them. I usually pass up desks like this but I really couldn't resist the 2 for 5 deal. I saw some painted on Pinterest a while back and decided it was time to dig one of the desks out of my stash and give it a go.  I primed it first with bonding primer and then painted the desk with a maroon paint. The color was so terrible that I had to decided to go back to my old faithful friend barn red.  Next I painted the flag and stars and then stained over the whole thing and gave it a poly finish coat.