Monday, November 25, 2013

A Gathering of Goods

 This is a wooden box that food came in, the kind you get at Christmas time.  I painted it black and use an antique photo to cover the top along with some buttons, and a key.

I made these strawberries out of a red wool sweater that I felted.  I cut them out free-hand so each one is different. They are hand sewn and have seeds stitched on the sides. 

This is just a small simple table I found at a thrift store and painted. I painted the base brilliant silver and the tip antique white.  Then I hand painted the Paris theme on the top too.

Here is a gathering of some of my work.  The cupboard is painted a shabby rose with 3 black crowns.  The house shelf is blue and white with some vintage looking paper attached to the inside back.  The sign is one I stenciled and painted a berry vine around the edge.

This is just a cool meat grinder that I had and turned it into a catch all dish.  I painted the wood bowl silver and screwed it to the grinder.  It didn't last long at the shop.

  These are just 2 shabby white catch-all shelves.  Nothing fancy but nice accent pieces.

Just a simple tote box painted and grunged.  It sold very quickly so I guess I did okay painting it!


French Country Dresser

Here is  a piece that I got from an antique sale last summer.  It was missing a drawer so I found some wood and built a shelf on the bottom for storage.  I painted it white and also painted some designs on the front of the dresser and the top.  Sometimes people will throw a perfectly good dresser out because a drawer is missing or broken.  You can store just as much on the shelf as you would in one of the drawers.  I displayed it with a basket on the shelf when it was in my booth.  I have another dresser with issues to paint on in my basement. I am trying to decide how I want to fix it up so keep watch when the inspiration hits I will give it a make-over and post some pictures of it.  Thanks for stopping by. This week is Thanksgiving already, I wish you and yours all the best and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Sign Says Free? Really?

One beautiful autumn Saturday I decided to go hunting for treasures.  I ended up I a near by town where there are several re-sale shops.  I pulled up to one of my favorite shops and there on the curb was this desk with a sign.  I love free you know that I established that a long time ago so this day was shaping up very nicely.  I went into the shop and asked really? Free? Yup, it was free alright, it was missing a top drawer and needed to be re-glued in spots and some other minor damage repaired.  Just what I love! Here in this picture I have already repaired the top drawer and patched the holes.

I decided to paint the desk grey and white with a Frenchy design on top.  I replaced the wooden knobs with porcelain ones.

I painted a chair grey to go with the desk and also painted a French design on it. I think they make a lovely couple.  And a word to the wise ......keep your eyes open you never know when you will find a diamond in the rough on the side of the road for free.....

Door, drawer, and Table Upcycle

Here are some miscellaneous parts from my stash.  A drawer, a cupboard door. and a small table. Sorry for the poor picture, maybe this year I will finally learn to use my camera! It could happen!

 I put them all together and painted the piece white with French Country designs.  I have made several of these chest tables and they sell very well.  They double as a table and a storage piece. 

Snowman Love

Here are some items I painted with snowmen.  I bought the basket and touched up the plaid a bit and painted the handles red (they were tan yuk). 

I love kids' chairs and these 2 I decided should be painted for winter.  I love to paint some folksy stuff once in a while so it was good therapy for me!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

French Grain Sack Wood Box

Patriotic Pride

Flea Market Bench

Bought this bench at a flea market. I painted it white and put some French Theme fabric on the seat.  I sold it almost immediately, but the woman that bought it was going to change the fabric because she thought it wasn't good enough! It made me feel bad for a while but I realize that when someone buys your work they do have the right to do what ever they want with it after they pay for it. Oh well I still have the pictures of it as I originally did it!

Liberty Bench

I went to garage sale one beautiful Friday afternoon and found this bench. 
I decided to paint it with a patriotic theme and set out to trace out the Pledge of Allegiance to transfer to the top of the seat.
The finished product came out nicely.  It took me a while to paint on the Pledge but I am glad that I did.