Thursday, February 9, 2012

Everyday is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.

The pictures below are of some things that I had the great fortune to find.  Nothing special just validating that everything has value and purpose.  I am often reminded each day that we were put on this earth for a special reason.  We were uniquely created and meant to use whatever talents Our Creator gave to us, presents or gifts to bless the lives of others.  It is no secret that I am delighted in taking the old and making it new and useful and our Awesome God does the same for us when we become his children. 

Old Shutter with wicker pouch painted blue.

Miscellaneous items pained silver and blue.

Crazy feather flowers that I couldn't resist!

When Life Gives You Junk........

If you have ever heard the saying "When life gives you lemons make lemon aid" when times get rough.  Another is the glass half full or half empty? Well I apply that to most everything in my life when possible but especially when it comes to found objects.  I always say, "When life gives you junk, make something beautiful out of it and drink up because the glass is over flowing!"    I went to one of my favorite stores to look for something different to work on.  I found two handmade totes for 3.00.  One had a handle to top and the other didn't, perfect!   I could see them stacked and separated by some spindles I had in a box at home. Needless to say I hurried home and got to work.  I decided that the tote was missing something and added a stool for a base.  I an not a wood worker as you well know from viewing my postings but I do love to put things together and slap a coat of paint on it and it doesn't hurt anyone so what the heck. I figure this tote will come in real handy for someone to put magazines, mail, or handwork in.  If this piece had cheeks I would be pinching them right now I think it is so dear...okay overboard but I am passionate about what I do.....

Drop your Drawers Here

February is turning out to be a wonderful month, we are having a very mild winter here in Michigan and I love it.  It makes it nice for treasure hunting too.  On one of my last trips I came across four old drawers and a discarded bench. 
I saw the drawers and just had to have them.  The price was right my favorite!   I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  You see I am the kind of person or quasi-artist that creates as I go along, whatever the catch of the day becomes my medium.  It took me a little longer to put the piece together but take a look and see what you think, it came out just as I envisioned it would.

I used an old door panel for the lid and had to replace the drawer handles because one was missing. I added side and top handles too.  I painted it winter white and used a new method of staining it which I must say worked super and saved me some time.   Funny thing when I went back to the place where I got the drawers I found one more, being that this project was already completed how could I resist the remaining drawer, not possible.  So I am sure in the near future the fifth drawer will  surface and become a creation.