Friday, February 10, 2012

These Boot Are Made for Walking and Go With Everything!

I love boots, I have several pair and don't seem to tire of any of them.  Unfortunately one of my favorite pair was the victim of a hit and run.  I am not sure what happened to them but I noticed that a spot on the top of one of them had a worn spot.  These are one of my most comfortable pair and I wear them with everything so what's a girl to do?  If you know me it is a no-brainer when your stuff gets worn out give it a make over!!!!!!!!

These boots are really black but I tweaked the color so you could see why it was necessary to call in the make over swat team.  First I stuffed each one with plastic grocery bags so that they would stand by themselves and I could work on the tops.

This isn't the best picture but you get the point, stuff as many bags as you can into the boots so you can work or them without them flopping over.
Next I got out my stencils that I got from Walmart and found one that I liked. 
I placed the stencil over the spot and centered it on the top of the boot.

I bought a bottle of black glitter glue from the Hobby Lobby and started filling in the spaces in the stencil.  It was so easy, I just kept slowly painting on the glitter glue until the design was completed.  I worried a little about when I removed the stencil if the design would smear but it didn't.  It came out very nicely, I did fill in a bit more once the stencil was removed to define the design more.

I am so glad my boots came out well, I sure didn't want to get rid of them, they are like an old friend that your are comfortable with and goes with everything.