Friday, September 14, 2012

Crow Chair

Just an old chair I painted that I found on the junk pile.  Seriously someone was throwing this beauty away!  Sure it is missing on back spindle and the set was rotted out but really! 

I painted the whole thing with a gloss black and then sanded the edges to make it look worn.  I hand painted the crow and white pumpkin a nice design for fall, my favorite time of the year!

Mr. and Mrs. Right

I saw some signs on Pinterest that were for Mr. Right and Mrs. "Always" Right and thought they were the cutest thing ever.  So I went digging in my stash for something to paint it on and found some vintage church folding chairs.   I needed a table so I found this old barrel and made it a lid or as I like to think of it as a table top. The barrel was in rough shape so I cut down a round cheese box for the table top and used the remainder of the cheese box to shore up the bottom.

Still laughing at this, Mrs. Always Right..........hehehehee!  We do it with love so its all good!
I married my Mr. Right he is the best guy ever. He puts up with my painting addiction and hasn't called the Hoarders show on me yet. Thank you Honey, you are a precious!
 And last but not least her is a chair fit for a Queen!  I am sorry that the lighting is so horrible am not know for my photography skills, this chair is really a demure pink.  If you were to use these chairs for a wedding this chair would be perfect for the Maid of Honor!  

Night Stand Re-do

This is a cute three drawer night stand I picked up for around 4.00.  It was painted black and ready to have a new identity.  I took it home and let the wheels turn.  I decided to paint it a vintage white and stain over that to make it appear shabby.

I hand painted the designs on using some graphics I found on "The Graphics Fairy".  This picture you can see the price tag hanging from the second drawer, sorry about that. I am always so anxious to get things in the store I am afraid I foget to take some and then have to do it in the shop.  Oh well atleast you get the idea of the whole make over and I hope it gives you a little inspiration!

Times Table

This piece started out as 1. a cheap round table top with no legs and 2. a old rusty kerosene heater that was really in bad shape.  I attached to top to the heater and made a side table.  I painted the top and hand painted the design as well.  I love the rusty industrial chic mixed with the shabby Paris theme. It took me over a year to get the inspiration for this little table, I tried and tried and then one day there it was in my head plain as day. That's how things work for me.  I get to an impasse and have to walk away for a bit most of the time it isn't a whole year!

More Painted Goods

I found this table for 4.00 and couldn't resist.  I normally stay away from things with so many spindles that take so much time to make sure you have covered every little nook and cranny with paint and that it doesn't drip......ah but this little table looked so forlorn and I ended up bringing it home to love.

 I found this saying on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect match for a table that was unwanted and in terrible condition.  Just proves if you look hard enough you can find JOY in everything!
 This little piece was probably made in a High School shop class.  It was stained and uninteresting when I bought it but it had so much potential and was made so very well I just had to have it.
This piece it my weirdest yet. I bought the little corner cupboard for 2.00 and the heart table for 2.00 and coupled them for a sort of strange yet maybe interesting piece.   I love the angels on the front if nothing else. Even I do things I can't explain!

Little Cupboard Rescue

It has been a while since my last post. My Mother had knee replacement surgery and I was her go-to girl! I stayed with her during her recovery and we had some fun chatting and knitting, some real quality girl time. She has recovered so very well due to the wonderful people that held her up in prayer, a real miracle!

Today I am posting a piece I actually got done before I left to care for my mother.  I just didn't have the time to post it and Mom doesn't have Internet at her house. I realized how much of a princess I really am, I had to do with out the Net, Dish, and air conditioning, but I made it! yeah!

Back to the project, I found this medium sized shelf at the thrift store and brought it home to my hoarder's studio. It had some challenges:

1. Dark stain
2. Top came unglued (I can relate to that one!)
3. No front door to shut!
4. Sides on the front curved making it hard to attach a door.

I found an old picture frame that fit perfectly for the door and then cut a door paned out of some thin plywood for the door center.  I cut down some boards for side pieces so I had something to attach my door to and attached that to the cupboard with some old rusty hinges from my stash. When I re purpose I never throw away old hardware that I take off form my finds, it always comes in handy on another project later on

Next I got busy priming the piece with my reliable friend-Bonding Primer that I have grown to love so well.  Then I painted on a coat of white and trimmed the door and base with my own special mixed Paris gray.  I next painted the designs and stained the entire piece. 

It took me some time to find all the right stuff to make this piece happen but overall it was well worth it.  When I got the painting all finished I realized I needed a magnetic door closure and didn't have one. So naturally I snagged one from one of my own cupboards to make due until I made a trip to town!  It never fails that I lack some small item that I need to finish and with gas so high I have to become even more inventive at times.  Some people play vid games to help keep their minds sharp.  At age 55 I prefer hunting treasure and creating something new and interesting while saving one more thing from become a cast away!