Sunday, November 24, 2013

French Grain Sack Wood Box

Patriotic Pride

Flea Market Bench

Bought this bench at a flea market. I painted it white and put some French Theme fabric on the seat.  I sold it almost immediately, but the woman that bought it was going to change the fabric because she thought it wasn't good enough! It made me feel bad for a while but I realize that when someone buys your work they do have the right to do what ever they want with it after they pay for it. Oh well I still have the pictures of it as I originally did it!

Liberty Bench

I went to garage sale one beautiful Friday afternoon and found this bench. 
I decided to paint it with a patriotic theme and set out to trace out the Pledge of Allegiance to transfer to the top of the seat.
The finished product came out nicely.  It took me a while to paint on the Pledge but I am glad that I did. 

Shutter Shelf

Take one old set of shutters and some corner shelf boards and you can make one really cool corner unit.
 I was sure to paint the one shutter that had a solid panel with chalk paint.  It is the perfect size to set on top of dresser or kitchen counter top.

Chalk it up!

I went to pick up a trunk one day and the former owner gave me a stash of boards.  They were the kind that are used for shelving in many of the Sauder type TV stands.  They weren't good for much.....or were they?  I thought aha! I could make them into chalkboards.  So I cut them into shapes and painted them with black chalk paint. Not bad, free boards that probably would have been trashed if I hadn't taken them and re-purposed them!

This is an old sled that I made into a chalkboard advent sled.  I used a picture frame to make the chalkboards.  Rusty old bells adorn the wire handle.

Child Size French Cupboard

Garden Door Table

Nostalgia Chair

Just a simple child's chair.

Painted with a sweet design.

French Country Wedding Table

I made this table from an old door that I had.  I loved that little door and had it displayed in my house for several years.  I decided I had to downsize and thus my favorite door became a table.
I had a stash of very old fence posts that I acquired from an old farm. I decided that they would make perfect legs from my door table.  I painted it with special care and sure enough someone came along that fell in love with my new creation.  In fact the new owner was soon to be a bride and she bought it to use in her upcoming wedding.  I miss my little door but I delight in the fact that it brought joy to someone starting out in their new life as husband and wife!

French Country Assessory Accents

This is a magazine tote that I found in the dumpster.  It was covered in magazine pictures that were falling off.  It was in desperate need of some love.  I stripped off the paper and painted the tote blue then hand painted the bird.  I like the new look it has much more appeal than before.

This is an old birdhouse that I rescued from the trash. It had a rubber roof which I replaced with a wooden one. I repainted it white and stained it to look old.

This is a very simple corner shelf that I bought. It was a light wood color before I decided to make it a two toned French Country piece.

This is an old window my husband brought home to me. I bought some printed burlap from Hobby Lobby for 5.99 a yard and made it into a memo board.  I took some regular push pins and glues some black crystals to the top of them to bling them up.

This is a sweet little stool that I bought and painted.  I love the French Country look!