Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vanity Blues

Just a simple paint job on a fairly plain piece. I bought this for 2.99 at GW Boutique last summer. After I bought it I thought ugh, what was I thinking?  So it sat for a bit until I thought a two tone make over would make this vanity box look acceptable.  When I put the silver knobs back on I was truly delighted that I didn't over look this little vanity.  Being a treasure hunter you must be ready to see past the dirt and imperfections and see the good in the item.  Reminds me of how God overlooks my flaws and loves me in spite of myself.  So overall fun painting and a good reminder of there is always hope.

No. 5

I painted this table once already with a prim country design. Nobody seemed to love it so I took it home and started over.  The oval shape of the table top reminded me of an oval number tag, a - ha I have a plan, just that simple.  I painted the bottom with black spray paint and the top with a flat black.  After the top finished drying I painted on the antique white sparsely so it would appear worn and streaked.  Next I found a number image on Google to get the large size image I needed.  I had stencils for the rest so that was a breeze.  As usual I finished the table top off with a dark glaze.  It will be interesting to see if this little table will sell the second time around!

Baskets Rule

Seems like evey time I go treasure hunting I come home with a basket or a tote.  I just can't resist either of them but I have a new rule if I allow myself to by them I have to get them ready for market within a reasonable amount of time I (less than a month).  I like to store my sewing and knitting in baskets because they can be stacked up and they make nice vintage accents to decorate with so I hate to part with them.  I am in the business to make money so as sad as it seems they have to go. Baskets are functional and beautiful I can picture a stack of them in all colors up to the ceiling (that is my goal!).

I mixed both the antique white and the aqua myself.  I buy a can of paint from the Walmart oops department and then set to adding and mixing until I like the shade and add a bit of plaster of paris that makes it chalky paint.  Well I had these baskets for more than a month and they are going  to the Peddler's Market on Friday so I will officially be in the market for more next time I go perusing for excellent junk.Yeah!

Thinking Pink

 I have have only painted one project in pink a little stool with lace so I thought it was time to try pink again.  I had this child size cupboard sitting in my basement. It was probably made by a Grandpa for his little angel. It was a stained very dark so I had to really work it to transform it to pink.

The insets in the doors are textured plastic and I knew they would pick up a glaze really nice so I set to work. I used some Zinner stain cover first and then applied 2 coats of paint on top of that. I mix my own paint so I went for a demure pink maybe next time I would add a little more white to lighten it not sure.  After I got the cupboard painted I washed it with a dark glaze to antique it. 

I can just picture this cutie full of dishes and tea cups.