Friday, November 11, 2011

It's A Wrap!

My husband is going to perform a wedding this afternoon here in Michigan. He will join 2 younguns that we have known since they were just kids.  It is a sunny cool Michigan day here and the wedding is going to be held in a corn crib just our style out here in the country. The girls are wearing strapless gowns, we here in the upper country live large and embrace the cold weather as best we can. I can hardly wait to see the farm where the wedding will take place, rehearsal is in 2 hours! As our gift to them my husband said he would not think of charging them to do the ceremony but that didn't seem like enough.  So I put together some of the spiffiest red neck wine glasses ever- milk glass and blue jars with blue and clear glass globs.  They are fabulous and to go with them a nice blue bottle of my favorite "Boone's Farm" .  A country wedding is always the best, I just proof read the vows that my husband is going to use for the couple and I wish I was was the one getting married they brought tears to my eyes they are so sweet.  I wish this young couple all the joy and happiness in the world and am so excited that my husband and I could be a part of their precious day.

I found a great old shoe box and wrapped it in some great wedding and Paris paper.   I hot glued some blue trim and with lace flowers to the top and immersed the inside with yards and yards of tulle. I think it is awesome and I hope the kids like it.  Something old the lace and jars, something blue the jars and trim, something borrowed - stuff from my personal stash to make it all, and yes, I will find a penny and put it in the box too!