Saturday, August 20, 2011

All Tied Up!

I was supposed to go to a festival today but we had a thunder storm and I had to stay home. So what better to do than get at one of those projects that have been sitting around for oh... a year or so!  So many to choose  from, a hard decision to make.  Went into my closet and saw a bag of neckties that I bought  at a resale shop a long time ago and thought there it is! This is the project that will make me forget about  aebleskivers. I looked on the rack and found the perfect candidate to complete my project a long blue jean skirt I never wear.

After I fearlessly cut the bottom off from the skirt and pinned on one neck tie that determined the length I wanted it to be.  Then I cut all the ties to the same length and started pinning the sides together so I could stitch them into one skirt piece.  I just overlapped them and top stitched them in black thread until I had the skirt completed. 

After I got the ties pinned to the bottom of the jean skirt I stitched it onto skirt and serged the seam. Over all I like the outcome, the ties I used were definitely vintage and  really fun.  I may add some trim to the skirt in a day or two and if I do I will definitely update this post.  I can't believe I took a picture of the backside of the skirt with me in it I don't usually show my backside -oh well I wanted you to be able to see the neat combination of old neck ties so it was worth it.

I love the picture above of the inside of the skirt, the ties are so cool I could make a project just using the labels.  I still  have the bottom of the jean skirt left and the remainder of the ties I used and I am thinking they would make a cool tote bag and hopefully they won't sit in my closet for another year waiting for a rainy day!
I love anything blue jean, especially skirts so be sure and stop by again to see if I have any new creations. Winter is coming and I know in Michigan I will probably be stuck indoors for most of it and looking for something to do. 


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love what you did with the neckies !! this was a great Idea. looks like you enjoy sawing, I love making my napkins for my Tablescapes.Im your newest follower on your Blog. I hope you can come follow me. I also hope you have a great weekend and keep cool.

  2. Love your skirt, great idea, I am also storring up for things to do this winter here in Michigan, have had to stay inside from the mosquitos this summer, are they this bad where you are too? I think you bag would be really great also! Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

  3. @ Celest, I am near Grand Rapids, we have had a time with spiders not mosquios. I have taken my son to the doctor twice for spider bite! Crazy. Thank you for the kind words. I am almost done with the purse. Just planning the embellishments. I always let a project of this detail age like wine..............