Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Remakes

Just thought I would post some of my projects from the last year, ramdom remakes that I so enjoyed creating.  Monday's are my day to paint the rest of the week I am in a stuffy office keeping the masses happy, no place for a kindred spirit girl like me.  Monday's I am so blessed especially in the summer, I move my projects outside and paint in the open environment of nature's beauty.  I am surrounded by famers plowing their fields, planes jitter bugging around dusting the crops, and Sand Hill Cranes squawking at me because I am crowding their territory.  I could go on and on it is so peaceful under the summer sun slapping on buckets of paint on things that most assuredly would have been taken to the land of the unwanted to rot and disintegrate. 

I surely am thankful that God gave me the ability to paint and to see potential in the things that just need a second chance. I not saying I am the best or accomplished just a willing student.   I am a product of second chances so I guess it just comes natural.

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