Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life is Good

I went to a sale a few weeks back and all I could afford was a big bunch of fake flowers.  The sale was nice but the prices were out of my comfort zone.  I bought 2 bunches of flowers that I didn't need but they were just so pretty for a dollar I couldn't walk away without them. I put them in my basement (Hoarder's Heaven as I like to call it) until the day would come when they would make their debut.

Yesterday as fate would have it I went to another sale where prices were again not in my range. However sitting all alone by itself in the autumn sun was this wonderful shabby basket , and yes I know it was probably once a cemetery basket but life goes on and it will now celebrate life and happiness. Being that it was marked 2.00 my magic number I just had to have it.  I couldn't believe it the basket was in such great condition and had the metal liner and everything.  I looked at it and thought naw...I don't need that but remembered the beautiful flowers waiting to grace the world with their beauty and knew that fate had brought them together. If you wait long enough you will find a purpose for everything you have stashed away, I promise!

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