Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have so many things that people give to me because they know I don't throw anything away, I just "do something" with it.  I have had this croquet mallet for about 3 years now and thing to myself that it would be the one thing I would throw away to make room for something with more potential.  Then one night while trying to get to sleep it came to me. Make a sign out of it.  It has character and I had just obtained a number of door fronts that make excellent signs.  I decided that the back round had to be Kelly green with black trim and antique white edging.  I think it would be great in a game room or bar and has enough personality to keep it off the cast off pile. Just in the nick of time for that old mallet!


  1. The cupboard doors make really good signs! Your sign is really clever.

    Thanks for sharing this project at my party!

    I thank you for thinking of me, but my blog is an award/tag free blog. I get so many people asking me to share these awards that I just can't participate. My "award free " button is located on my sidebar... maybe I need to move it up towards the top ;)

    Thanks again,

    Bunny Jean

  2. Hi Bunny Jean, I don't know anything about awards I post things to show people how to take things and make art for little money. I get excited to share and that is all no strings attached. I love to look at things and hope other people enjoy looking at my things as well. Just being a part of party links is enough award for me I think your Bunny Hop is the best and thank you for letting me share. Blessing, Cat.

  3. Love it! I have some propped up in the corner of the garage! Thanks for the idea!