Monday, July 23, 2012

Bird Love Table with Lace Drawer

           Here's how she started out last Monday morning and by late afternoon this is the finished project.
 I love the bird theme and use is often and we all could use a little love so there you have it! I painted the top white and the bottom portion gray, one of my favorite combinations as of late.
 The drawer I spiced up with a lace overlay.  You paint your bottom color, mine was gray and then after laying some lace over that area spray paint it your second color, mine being white.
I painted the drawer pull black because the brass color no longer worked.  I gave it a top coat of rub on poly by Minwax and called it good.  All the tables I did last Monday were given to me, so I really had a good time repainting items that no one wanted. It's not the things that are free in life that are the best, it is second chances of whom I am a recipient.  Thank you Jesus!

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