Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sign Language

I painted three new signs last week.  The first one is the doors off from the dry sink I painted last summer. I took them off because they were too warped to close evenly. However, they were perfect to make into signs! I painted the two of them up (only showing one of them) off white and then glazed them with a dark brown.  I hand painted the key onto the top using a design I got off "The Graphics Fairy".

This sign started out with the purchase of the crown hook from The Hobby Lobby for 1.89.  I got out one of my door panels and painted it up and attached the crown hook, easy peasy!

This one is my favorite of the three, it is an old painter's tool I bought for a dollar a year ago.  I got 2 but only painted the one to see how it would look.  I painted the top off white with a dark brown glaze and then stenciled on the letters.  I an anxious to paint up the other one now!