Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage Catch All

I went to an estate sale and found these rounded sewing drawers. I immediately knew what I would do with them if I could buy them.  The sellers had some things that weren't for sale and of course those where the things I wanted so I took a deep breath and asked the seller if they were up for grabs.  Gladly she told me I could have all three for 5.00.  Joy!  I had an old door panel that I want to mount them to and then I had this wood cut out Etc. that I was to attach to the top.  I got to the point where the word etc. was to be attached and it broke in two pieces ......rats!  So I left the project over night and figured I would come up with something.  Light bulb!  I got it !  I had some coasters that were wood and cork and thought ....paint them so they sort of look like type writer keys and paint the letters on them!!!!!!!Yeah thank you God for my imagination!

I painted the piece white and glazed it with brown to get the worn and antiqued look. I can just picture it full of mail and miscellaneous stuff.



  1. oh i would have grabbed them too looks great Stopping by from Shine on Fridays

  2. I love how it turned out!! I have thought of lots of things with drawers, but not putting them together like that. This idea has been filed away!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your vintage catch all on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love how it turned out!