Monday, November 25, 2013

A Gathering of Goods

 This is a wooden box that food came in, the kind you get at Christmas time.  I painted it black and use an antique photo to cover the top along with some buttons, and a key.

I made these strawberries out of a red wool sweater that I felted.  I cut them out free-hand so each one is different. They are hand sewn and have seeds stitched on the sides. 

This is just a small simple table I found at a thrift store and painted. I painted the base brilliant silver and the tip antique white.  Then I hand painted the Paris theme on the top too.

Here is a gathering of some of my work.  The cupboard is painted a shabby rose with 3 black crowns.  The house shelf is blue and white with some vintage looking paper attached to the inside back.  The sign is one I stenciled and painted a berry vine around the edge.

This is just a cool meat grinder that I had and turned it into a catch all dish.  I painted the wood bowl silver and screwed it to the grinder.  It didn't last long at the shop.

  These are just 2 shabby white catch-all shelves.  Nothing fancy but nice accent pieces.

Just a simple tote box painted and grunged.  It sold very quickly so I guess I did okay painting it!


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