Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Toboggan Table

My husband is a saint, when he sees a freebie project he still brings them home to me. He came home one day with this nice old toboggan and what a prize it was.  I ended up cutting it down a bit because it was way too long and the end was broken off a little.  No worry me and my trusty saw took care of that in no time.  I wanted to make a nice coffee type table out of it. I could just picture it in a cabin house all cozy where someone would put their hot chocolate and knitting on top of it.  So I rummaged around my stash and found this nice old coffin stand I bought several years ago. What a match, they fit perfectly.  I stained the base with some black MinWax water base stain and then stained right over the toboggan as well. I love how it aged it to perfection.  It is a solid little piece that I hope ends up in some rustic cabin or even on a front porch.  I never get sick of vintage, second chance art is so rewarding!

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