Sunday, September 11, 2011

Free to be Me

My husband is a builder and was really never into garage sales and dumpster diving until he met me. I have that influence on many I am proud to say.  He is a wonderful guy that never calls me a hoarder or obsessive collector of the unwanted. I know when he may think it sometimes but he is polite enough to only refer to my extensive shoe collection and leaves my overloaded basement out of his conversations with others.  I really appreciate it, I told him today that he can call the TV show"Hoarders"  if he wants but I won't let them in to tape a show if he does. Besides a few weeks back he contributed to my state of affairs by bringing home a really cute little tobacco stand that the women he was working for gave to him for me ( she has seen my work and endorses my habit!). It was in pretty good shape one of the legs needed to be repaired but that was about all so I set out to give it a makeover.
I undercoated the piece with flat black and then painted it with olde white. 

I found my graphics on "The Graphic Fairy" I used a combination of the wreath with the Paris graphic to get this design.  You just print them out and cut them to fit. Next tape them together and print them out as one design.  I did use the reverse image feature to print them out so I could transfer the image to the top using Citra Solv (My new crush).

This piece came out looking old and distressed just the way I like it! I couldn't picture a world without old junque.


  1. Oooohhhh, this is LOVELY! Did you do the floral design with the citra solve method as well?

    Deborah (happily visiting from you can stop by too...)

  2. This is so cute- did you do the roses free hand??

  3. I did the roses like everything I paint free hand!