Sunday, September 11, 2011


The key to good day in my workshop is having a well stocked store room full of things just waiting to become something lovely.  My last adventure in the design room proved to be such a delight I could hardly contain my joy, not only did I put together several projects but I also finally learned how to do image transfers with Citra Solv.  My first attempts were not successful and it took me over a week of experimenting and watching You Tube videos to get the hang of it. It was well worth it and I am sure that with more practice mastering this process it will become a real asset.

This is what I started with, I had this little table I bought as GW and an old drawer and door that I knew would be a real nice combination. I put the drawer on top of the table attached it with a little Gorilla Glue and screws.  Then I set the door panel onto the top of the box and put a set of hinges on the back to make it like a treasure chest on legs.  I painted it with an undercoat of black brown and let it set out in the sun to dry.   After the glue and undercoating dried I gave it a coat of olde white.  I found a great design on " .  Deborah is such a talent woman and I hope you check out her wonderful blog it is awesome! Thank you for the free graphic I love it and hope to use it again!  I  printed it out in the reverse image mode on a laser printer so I could transfer it to my treasure chest table.
After several attempts I finally got the image to transfer using the Citra Solve method.  I painted some poly coat onto the side with image so it would not smear when I went to apply the glaze.  The glaze is a dark brown with just a hint of black in it.

I really like the way the image transfer worked out,  I almost gave up on using it but with a little hard work and a prayer it all worked out just like I imagined it would. 


  1. This is gorgeous! Here's one I did with my own dictionary definition...

  2. This graphic is wonderful! Deborah is an amazing artist and I thank her for posting such a sweet chair with a free gift of the Nostalgia graphic!!!!!

  3. I love how you re did the table and the image transfer! It turned out lovely! Please follow me back at

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  4. Thanks for linking this up to the Throwback Thursday link party. I love this little table. I'm going to feature it today.
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