Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For the Birds

Been busy this last week getting ready for Thanksgiving at my house, waiting for a batch of rolls right now to come out of the oven. Thought I would take the time to post my projects from this week. I found this cabinet at a sale last summer and have been dreaming about it ever since.  I loved the fact that the drawers were metal on the inside and had wood fronts.  I like the handles too they are unique, but the best part was that I got it for only 10.00 loaded and all.  I certainly love cupboards and want to keep every one that I paint but this one thank goodness is safely tucked away at the Peddler's Market already.  I had to get it out of my house so I wouldn't "accidentally" start to put things inside it. Good thing the 5 second rule doesn't apply to found treasures....

I painted this piece with some special mix teal paint that I mixed and the contrast is a grayish white I mixed also. I usually mix my own colors to get them just right.  I painted the cupboard with a dark brown glaze and gave it a poly top coat finish.  I no sooner got it in the shop and a lady wanted to buy it.  She was with her husband and gave me the high sign that she would come back later to get it later.  That always means in "lady" talk I will buy it when my husband isn't with me.  I wonder how she will do the sneak it in the house and pretend like it has been there for the last 2 months I can't believe you didn't notice routine?  She is a very nice lady so I hope it works out for her, I would love for her to have the cupboard she would love it as I do!

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