Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baskets Rule

Seems like evey time I go treasure hunting I come home with a basket or a tote.  I just can't resist either of them but I have a new rule if I allow myself to by them I have to get them ready for market within a reasonable amount of time I (less than a month).  I like to store my sewing and knitting in baskets because they can be stacked up and they make nice vintage accents to decorate with so I hate to part with them.  I am in the business to make money so as sad as it seems they have to go. Baskets are functional and beautiful I can picture a stack of them in all colors up to the ceiling (that is my goal!).

I mixed both the antique white and the aqua myself.  I buy a can of paint from the Walmart oops department and then set to adding and mixing until I like the shade and add a bit of plaster of paris that makes it chalky paint.  Well I had these baskets for more than a month and they are going  to the Peddler's Market on Friday so I will officially be in the market for more next time I go perusing for excellent junk.Yeah!

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  1. I had fun looking around your blog. Oh I just love the baskets, the vanity and No. 5 table!!!

    How do you create such beautiful lettering, e.g., on the baskets?? The lettering is so perfect!

    Thank you for the compliments on the Typography plate - and for putting it on Pinterest. I appreciate it.

    You mentioned Peddlers Village. When I used to live in PA, we had a Peddlers Village. But I see that you're from Michigan so there must be a few of these villages around the country. And I thought the PA one was unique. That's funny.