Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thinking Pink

 I have have only painted one project in pink a little stool with lace so I thought it was time to try pink again.  I had this child size cupboard sitting in my basement. It was probably made by a Grandpa for his little angel. It was a stained very dark so I had to really work it to transform it to pink.

The insets in the doors are textured plastic and I knew they would pick up a glaze really nice so I set to work. I used some Zinner stain cover first and then applied 2 coats of paint on top of that. I mix my own paint so I went for a demure pink maybe next time I would add a little more white to lighten it not sure.  After I got the cupboard painted I washed it with a dark glaze to antique it. 

I can just picture this cutie full of dishes and tea cups. 

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