Sunday, February 19, 2012

We All Need Love

I went to the shop 2 weeks ago and found another army trunk in fair shape sitting in one of the garages.  I had seen it before many times but this time I got a vision that it needed to be painted and stenciled, it was ready for change.  I know the feeling, I am thinking that this coming spring change will be visiting me as well.  I am not sure but I am looking forward to a time of new beginnings.  The last of my seven children will graduate this May and I will have made it to the finish line as a Mom as far as High School graduations go. Yeah. Good job kids!

Anyway, I loaded the trunk into my Rendezvous and was on my way home with another piece to paint and love.  I decided to paint it off white and the hinges black.  I brushed a coat of dark brown glaze over the whole piece and the poly coat.  I thought I would make it simple and stencil a saying I have seen on Pinterest that caught my eye.  

I painted the inside a khaki green just make it nice and neat and added a chain to steady the open lid. 

When you have love you have it all.  Something I learned in the group that my husband and I lead on Friday nights is to make sure your reaction to a problem is never more important than the relationship.  Exercise your thoughts and actions in love and you will never go wrong!


  1. it looks fab. i would love it if you could come and link it up at

  2. i adore this! i love that quote and song, too!