Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Suitable Match

I have been buying every suitcase I find lately.  I found this round one and thought why not, I will buy anything once and give it a go. I had a stool already that had its top replaced with particle board which isn't the best looking so I thought perfect!  I painted the bottom white and the top blue.  I the case to the stool with some screws and glue.  The last one of these I made I used the tradition type suitcase and it sold the first day I put it in my booth, we'll see if this one gets the same reception!

This is a better shot of my dear companion Fred.  I bought him at a flea market too. He was a bargain, he was for sale for 25.00 but because I bought his sister to I got a "two-fer" that is two-fer 40.00! lol I told you I love a bargain!

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