Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Patriotic Pieces

 This trunk was given to me for free.  It was covered in really old fabric. I think I must have pulled out a hundred tacks or more to strip it down so I could paint it.  It has already sold so I guess it was worth it.  I put some wheels on the bottom so it could be rolled to its new destination.  Red, white, and blue I love you!

This piece was a real find for me it was also free.  It had a porcelain top on it and was missing the two doors.  I replace the top because it just didn't look right, this was the bottom of a small Hoosier cabinet and I made it into a usable piece by adding the doors and a top that was originally an old table with broken legs.  I am sorry that there aren't any before pictures. I get so excited when I am working I forget to bring my camera and then before you know it the piece is finished. I will try harder but I have to say the next few posts won't have any "befores" either because I have the attention span of a Goldfish (20 seconds).  Anyways hope you enjoy looking and feel free to pin anything you see on my blog. 

Here are two pillows I made out of ticking. 

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