Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flower Bucket

I went to the flea market and found this very old wash bucket.  It is the kind that probably had wheels at one time and had a roller on one end to wring out a mop.  It was well used in its day and I figured it would make a great flower arrangent for work.  I brought it home and gave it a coat of aluminum spray paint with some black overspray.  I found the paper art on my Pinterest board and copied out and then Modge Podged it on to one of the sides.  I filled it with some flowers I got from my favorite thrift store, it took me a while to find just the right flowers and wouldn't you know I got them at a bargain basement price.

Isn't this little gal cute? I spotted her at a flea market for 5.00.  I couldn't believe my good fortune in finding such a sweetie.  I love the colors and her face is precious!

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