Friday, September 14, 2012

More Painted Goods

I found this table for 4.00 and couldn't resist.  I normally stay away from things with so many spindles that take so much time to make sure you have covered every little nook and cranny with paint and that it doesn't drip......ah but this little table looked so forlorn and I ended up bringing it home to love.

 I found this saying on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect match for a table that was unwanted and in terrible condition.  Just proves if you look hard enough you can find JOY in everything!
 This little piece was probably made in a High School shop class.  It was stained and uninteresting when I bought it but it had so much potential and was made so very well I just had to have it.
This piece it my weirdest yet. I bought the little corner cupboard for 2.00 and the heart table for 2.00 and coupled them for a sort of strange yet maybe interesting piece.   I love the angels on the front if nothing else. Even I do things I can't explain!

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