Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Happy Place

I am so blessed, it seems that I am always being given things to paint and restore.  This church bench is one of those free blessings.  The owner had it in the shop for 2 years and wasn't able to sell it.  It needed some work, the legs needed extra support added and the finished was very dated.
I added some supports and some screws and then patched up my work.  Next I primed it with some bonding primer and sent it to the design team for painting. (Did I mention that is my department too).

I decided to paint the bench white and found this saying on Pinterest.  I added the birds because my happy place always has birds and trees. 
These old church benches are getting harder to find. So many were burned or discarded years past so when you are lucky or in my case blessed enough to find one you have to make the most of them.  Even though this bench was cut up, wobbly, and missing parts it still has a lot of charm left in it!   If you haven't seen my other 2 benches that I painted be sure and check those out too!

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