Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mega Drawer turned Table

When you walk to a yard sale be sure you can carry home your purchases.  With this in mind I was able to buy this giant size drawer and carry it back to where I was staying.  It came out of the local old  hardware in downtown Tustin which excited me even more since my parents bought their house from the owner of the hardware some thirty years ago.  It had history not just a pretty face but a pretty past as well it doesn't get any better than that.  I scooped it up for a mere 5.00 and made my way home with my treasure one happy girl. I thought of all the wonderful things I could do with this fabulous drawer and decided above all else I would not tamper with the green paint on the front , it is showing up a little brighter than it really is but assuredly it is a delightful green. 

I love the old drawer pulls they are metal and have a sweet design on them. I added the legs to the sides using a set of old oak legs I bought at an antique shop years ago. Once again the hoarder principle works despite what the scoffers say that you will only think of a use for it after you get rid of it. Not so, I have proven them wrong time and time again and case in point another project finished due to the fact I had just the right accessories.
 I painted the top and stenciled with a saying I found on Pinterest that I have been meaning to use since I first saw it.  I thought it was perfect for this piece because what I do love about my home is who I share it with because first they love me and second they accept me for who I am a little insanity never hurt anyone.

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