Sunday, May 5, 2013

Never Judge a Chair by Its Cover

Went to an auction last summer and had a great time. I was bidding on all the good stuff that no one wanted, buying cheap and loving every minute of it.  The auctioneer got to this swivel chair and no one bid.  He said can I get a dollar somebody anybody.  I said sure I will give you a dollar! Praise the Lord he said SOLD! And that's how I got this great old chair. It was covered in fabric and I really didn't know what else but for a dollar it was worth the risk. It had a bazillion nails holding the fabric on and it took two settings to strip it off.  What I found was a cute little wooden chair that I could paint instead of upholster.

Here is what it looks like now after a few coats of antique white paint and some hand painted design.
Goes to show you that you never can judge a book or a chair by its cover!

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