Sunday, May 5, 2013

Painted Bliss

I love old crates and tables. Put the 2 together and it doesn't get any better!  This one I added a door panel for a top and then hand painted it.  I wish I had room to keep all the box tables I make but then I wouldn't have any money to buy more boxes to paint! lol.......

This is a little round table I bought for 2.00  I painted it white and grey and painted a clock design on it.  Recently the shop I am in closed and I am deciding whether or not to continue to paint, I can't imagine a world where I can't make things.

 This picture contains several things I painted to sell and that are already sold in the shabby chic theme.  The stool swivels, it had fabric on the top of it at one time.  I am always a happy girl when I strip the fabric off from a piece and there is a paintable surface underneath.  The wooden tote had wax all over it. I think someone filled it with candles and let them burn down in it. I had to scrap and sand it like mad but I got it off and painted it up.  The watering can is missing its spout and it was dented so I bent it back into shape and paint it.  It would be great with flowers in it.
Second chances are the best, I am always grateful for the ones I get!

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