Saturday, July 30, 2011

Call Me!

I noticed today that I haven't posted anything any 2 years, 2 years! And the thing is that I really wanted to so why didn't I? Who knows so today I eagerly posted some of my projects and linked them to some blog parties that I have admired for a long time. I am so excited to finally get into the swing of things again and share the things that I love to make with kindred spirits.

I really love the words "I was getting rid of this and thought of you!" I got a message on Face book from and acquaintance that she had a sewing machine cabinet that had seen better days and I could have it for FREE (angels singing in the backround). Anyone that knows me knows the more tattered the piece the better I like it and free is good. No worries about will it diminish the collectible value.

I remember once I bought an old treadle sewing machine cabinet. It was beyond repair or collectible value. I gave it a nice primitive finish and painted a nice landscape on the top the kind that would make Warren Kimble proud (at least I like to think so). I delivered the piece to the store I consign at and a person I know (one that you hope your don't run into very often) happened to be there. She looked at me and said with disgust "I can't believe that someone painted this and ruined the value." I am not the type to stand idly by and replied "I am sorry you don't like what I have done with this cabinet but rest assured that there was little value before I rescued it. The woman said "oh, I didn't know it was yours, but really you shouldn't have altered it." What she didn't realize was the poor thing had sat out in a damp barn for years and the top was all pealed and marred. Oh well it sold shortly after and I had the last laugh all the way to the bank.

Back to the present, I glady accepted the sewing cabinet and planned what I wanted to do with it. I had found another piece at a tag sale and decided the 2 must meet and become friends. I go to the sales where most people just see junk and but I see stuff with raw potential. I learned that if you see it buy it you will need it later I promise. I never met a piece of junk that I didn't like, if nothing else it can double as a door stop or kindling wood.

I really like the motif of early telephones, it got my husband and I talking about the good old days of party lines and being a one phone family. Our kids wouldn't believe us if we told them that a phone was a stationary item was not kept in your pocket back in the day. The little black chair additon goes back to my addiction to small chairs. At the time I thought it was a compatible size for the table but discovered later on that it was a bit too short. Oh well I was happy with the paint job and thought it wasn't worth the worry.

The drawer on the phone desk that used to hold sewing goods now is for chalk and an eraser.

Phone books tuck nicely on the bottom shelf. I painted the back board of the top with chalkboard paint so you could record your messages and reminders. The lid on the slanted part lifts to a compartment that will hold notebooks and pens so this a very versatile piece that was once a labeled a cast off. I love the fact that the younger generation has seen the merit in re-purposing and there are blogs all over the net with their work. I have been a member of the upcycle movement since I was a kid so even it isn't a new concept to me it is comforting to know that others share my passion.

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