Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poor old Table

I got free reign over the 5.00 room at the store.  The owner figured I could take the unwanteds that he couldn't even sell for 5.00 repaint them and make money for the both of us. Oh happy day! I love freebies they are the best kind of makeovers!   This poor old table was at the edge of the storage unit and was out in the elements. It was sure to fall apart if I didn't take it home and show it some love! Surely it was my duty as a painter to give this little table a second chance.

I was so excited I forgot to take a before picture until after I primed it, but I am sure you all have seen a similar octagon table they are at every garage sale I have ever gone to.  I usually don't buy them but after all this one was free how was I to resist?  I gave is a good sanding and priming and clean all the cobwebs off from the bottom. It never ceases to amaze me all the spider webs I have to clean off before I can start..........

Next I painted a coat of Brilliant Sliver spray paint by Krylon over the whole piece. I wasn't sure what I was going for at this point so I primed and painted it as a starting point. Usually I have a finished product in mind but this was a project that unfolded as I went along.  After the silver dried I thought the edge would make the table pop if I painted it black.  So after 2 coats of black around the edge I thought hmmmm needs something more and then it came to me a bit of turquoise would be great.  The center seemed too plain so I added a flourish stencil to the middle to give some more character.  I am not a spontaneous person but in this case I think it was okay to just let go and see what happens!


  1. wow-what a great redo! i'm too scared still to redo any actual furniture...but one of these days, i tell ya, one of these days!

  2. It turned out great! Very sophisticated looking.

  3. Wow! Totally out of the ordinary and I think it's great! I'd totally love if you'd link up this project over on Kammy's Korner for the Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday party!!

  4. p.s. what part of Michigan?? I'm in the mitten state too.... have we had this discussion before? haha