Thursday, December 8, 2011

Side Table Fancy

The popular movement to acquire furniture to repaint and repurpose is huge.  I can say that I have been doing this since the 60's.  I remember an old desk in the basement that no one was using.  I asked my Dad if I could have it and paint it with a can of white paint I found on a shelf in his work shop. Of course he said yes and I set to work filled with anticipation and excitement.  I was shabby chic before shabby chic was cool.  My desk came out really nice except mid way I spilled the can of paint on the basement floor and had to tell my Dad.  I was sure he was going to be angry with me but he wasn't, he helped me clean it up and didn't say a word.  I think he knew I had already suffered enough embarrassment and frustration.  Well not much has changed, I still have the urge to paint stuff and if it is abandoned all the better. My Dad is gone now but he remains in my heart and I have such sweet memories of his wood working projects that he made for me to paint and sell. I used the money to buy things for my children that I couldn't have without the money I made from the stuff he made for me. He was a great guy and I miss him. love you Daddy.

Last week I found this little 2 drawer side table at the thrift store for 4.99 and just had to have it.  It is funny no matter how good or bad you feel when you find a treasure you have the strength of "Zena Princess Warrior" to haul it away to your car!  This little table started out as one side of a vanity. Someone cut it down to make it into a side table and then decided even that wouldn't work for them anymore, yeah guy thanks for donating it and letting me buy it! Once again I got so excited I forgot a proper "before" picture and got one after the priming, next week I promise to do better! I just can't help myself when I get going I am like a tank and cannot stop for anything.

Well here it is finished and ready for market.  I like the combination of the 3 colors together, they make this piece more dimensional.  Well off to plan projects for next week, I have some ideas I hope I have the time to get them all done, I never do. My mind runs like an eight day clock, but I know I give it my best shot.

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