Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love my Wellies

I finally found a pair of "Wellies" in my size and just had to buy them.  I had to wrestle them away from my husband, he wanted to turn them into cement boots!!! The very idea.  I originally wanted a pair to wear when I walked the high grass, I have a phobia of snakes and thought the wellies would give me the confidence I needed.  After I got them home I started to think about all the boots I had seen on the net that people decorated so I thought why not, it won't make any difference to the snakes if there is lace on my boots or not.  Then I needed a new centerpiece for Spring at work so I decided to use the boots in a floral arrangement.  I will be changing the flowers again this week so I will get my boots back soon and be able to venture out in the weeds for a walk after supper.  I love the lace and black ribbon they just "Girlie-up" the boots so nicely. 

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