Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Signs

 I made some signs out of some things I had sitting around my work area.  I was almost at the point of getting rid of both items, then I had a vision.

I sure wish I did a "before" picture of these two signs.  They started out so totally opposite of signs. I found this picture on the Net to show you what I started out with.
                                                 As you can see below this is the finished sign.

      Keep calm and carry on, my favorite advise, I always think of this saying when I get into a pickle.

This is a little bird I found at Jo Ann Fabrics for 1.99 and painted it blue to fit the color scheme.

 This sign was actually a TV tray set.  The sign board is the top of the TV tray and the bottom was the display stand that held the 4 trays.  It was not usable as it was so it became a sign too.

They both look awesome in my booth at the Peddler's Market.  I don't know if someone will actually buy them but they add a touch of eye candy to my display.