Saturday, July 14, 2012


I had this wonderful old window frame with raggedy screen and decided this would be the week to doll it up.  I made the dream banner out of a grocery bag, some stencils, and paint.  Then I hot glued them to a piece of twine.  Lucky me the 2 knob were already there, probably used for taking the screen out of the window at the end of the season.  For you young ones there was a day when the window screens were taken out at the end of summer and re-installed in the spring. Can you imagine?  They had to be painted every so often and then stored.  This little cutie has seen a lot of use and I am furthering her life by making her into art. I attached the vintage wire basket with some metal strap and screws and put screw eyes in each side to hold wire so I could hang the old pictures from it.  I love this piece and don't want to sell it but I do this for income so good bye little wonderful window you will be in my dreams for ever! LOL too much? naw


  1. Hi! Just found you thru French Country Cottage, and am your newest follower! I love this window, and all your other projects!! Would love you to visit and say 'hi' ;)
    must love junk

  2. Hi! What a great window project! I know how it is to fall in love with something you make, want to keep it and realize no, I do this for a living so must sell it. Oh well, the fun part is that there is always another "new love" waiting in the wings! I found your blog through Faded Charm's White Wednesdays and am now following! Looking forward to reading more fun posts! Feel free to stop by and visit me -, etsy, and Face Book. Have a great day! Leena

  3. Thank you for your encouragement! I appreciate it so much. I can't imagine a world without art and treasured finds. Looking forward to visiting you too Miss Pink Cherub!